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This DLC requires base game Conqueror's Blade.

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About Conqueror's Blade - Conqueror's Edition

Game description

Prime yourself for all-out war and the genesis of your new empire with Conqueror's Blade - Conqueror's Edition! This Founder's Pack contains guaranteed access to Closed Beta Tests, a full week of Early Access, an exclusive Samurai Kit, a Templar Kit and unit skin, a Conqueror's Kit, a 60-day Premium Account, and more!

The Conqueror's Edition grants you the following bonuses, exclusive to Founders:

  • 7 days of Early Access: Get a massive head start on rival warlords with full game access before the Open Beta Test begins.
  • 60-day Premium Account: Earn experience faster and unlock other unique privileges.
  • Authentic Hair Style: Get an additional shade of hair color when creating a character.
  • Unique Player Title: 'Conqueror'
  • Conqueror's Kit: Contains 8 boxes, each containing a devastating siege weapon for use on the battlefield!
  • Crafting Resource Kit: Contains materials to craft a complete set of weapons and armor at level 10.
  • Janissary Unit Attire: A fearsome costume for ranged units!
  • New Mounted Unit - War Elephant: Let the earth tremble and your enemies cower before the might of this four-legged force of destruction! Ride this mighty beast all the way to victory.

With the Conqueror's Edition, you will also receive the following exclusive contents:

Become a formidable commander of the Order of the Knights Templar with this unique decorative armor! This decorative horse armor will give your Knight a steed worthy of his legendary reputation, while you can also rally your forces under the unique Templar flag!

With this decorative armor set, your heavily-armored knights will be sure to break the spirit of any opponent. This armor can be used by any cavalry unit!

Join the ranks of feudal Japan's military elite with ornate armor that's suitable for any class! You can also clad your war horses in the traditional decorative armor of the noble Samurai class, and rally your units and lead them into battle under this intimidating banner.

Equip your soldiers with this decorative armor set and transform them into an elite Japanese detachment, ready to follow you into the most dangerous of battles. This armor can be used by any melee unit!

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