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Do you like making decisions that are thoughtful, balanced and designed to bring you the most rewarding result? Do you enjoy the ability to think and plan and have fun developing strategies and tactics? Instead of running with a rifle in your hand or racing on the track, would you rather expand your city or your influence? Then we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range of strategy games that provide players with a variety of challenges at different levels!

Usually there are two types of strategy games on the market: military and economic. In this first genre, our goal is to expand the army, plan the movements of the army and take key positions so that the enemy forces will eventually win. In the latter case, we face a variety of tasks - from planning urban infrastructure and logistics to building a reputation and satisfaction among citizens. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that you will get the cheapest strategy games on our site.

Recently, policies aimed at bringing your party to power in the country or your presidential candidate have become more and more popular. The reputation of strategy games set in the past - especially in ancient times and the Middle Ages - remains unchanged. Futuristic titles, which surprise with their mechanisms and real time simulations, are equally well received. Every now and then we hear about the loud premieres and bestselling titles that you will find on our website, and with a few clicks you can compare their price.

Strategy games are definitely different from other types of games. While action and sport titles focus on intense experience and living the moment, strategy provides pleasure from long-term activities and multi-stage decisions. The game mechanics look completely different here, the mode of exploration or management of a given unit differs from each other. One thing is certain - every fan of PC games should try a strategy at least once in his life, and this one is recommended to choose from hundreds of titles in our price comparison.