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About Mammon: Devil Help

Game description

You will work for ME, I will have their Souls, and you will have your freedom.
Scratch MY back and I will scratch yours, Deal?


-"Break them!"

Each victim goes through the 5 stages of grief, at each stage. You
may affect up to 4 Parts of the Victim World:

  • Body, Mind, Soul, Life
Each With Their Corresponding “Resolve


- ”Use THEIR Resolves!”

Resolves are the main weapon at your disposal, deep emotion, desire,
or wishes extracted from the previous Victims.


- ”Drive them to Despair!”

They affect the 3 base stats of any victim.
Or any other Traits Or Flaws the Victim may have
You have to keep the victim alive at all costs, a dead victim is a useless one.


-"I haven't killed anyone haven't I? It was the people's wishes."

You will never engage in direct combat with your victims, only manipulating the scene from afar, so you're safe right?


- ”Promise them the whole world, and make one hell of a Deal!”

The more desperate the victims are the less you have to offer, and more you could ask for.


You will witness the tragedy of the many victims from the "Kingdom Of A Cruel God"
Where your life is determined by the sins or virtues you care on your heart.

But Who Are You?
A poor guy that lost a bet whit the Grim Reaper and now you’re in hell

Well seems not even forever isn’t as long as it use to be... Since you got out with the help of a Devil named Mammon, but of course, it wasn’t for free.
But when you’re in hell any deal is a good deal, right?

Mammon: Beware of the church, I can pluck you from hell as I desire, but I don’t know how much your soul will last, if you keep on dying

System requirements

  • OS: TBD
  • Processor: TBD
  • Graphics: TBD

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