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Release date

27 Feb 2018




About OldGrad

Game description

Old Grad.

Only Russian language in game.

An incredible adventure based on the book by Tatyana Begulova - Old Grad.

Old Grad people left many years ago. And no one remembers why. But for the sake of capricious beauty Yavolod is ready to go to the Old Grad and unravel his secret.

Kudene sat on a cart among the bales and knots with household belongings. He wanted to sleep, but he could not get comfortable. The cart jumped and shook on a narrow forest trail. Bales filled with goodness pushed the boy in one side, then in the other. Cudena looked back - a long string of carts and wagons stretched for them. He looked ahead - and there were also only carts and wagons visible. Men, like the father of the baby, walked with their heads drooping alongside the horses, holding their reins. The women, on the carts, were hugging the children to their chest, and here and there they could hear their lamentations and lamentations. The kid did not understand what was happening. He became frightened, he moved closer to his mother and buried his nose in her neck

3D fps adventure.

You are a knight who must learn the mystery of the old Grad and reveal many secrets.

Standard control for 3D FPS games.

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