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About The Hungry Elevator (Alpha)

Game description

In another universe very similar to ours the people of Earth realized how dumb it was to feud with one another and unite together under the banner to stop world hunger!

But low and behold, outside forces took notice of the lasting peace and ever growing food source. One nightmarish day, a terrible Spaghetti Monster, also known as Larry, invaded the planet and started gobbling up all the good people! He also used his magic to turn human food into MAN EATING MONSTERS!

In a last effort, the United Banana Republic of Earth built underground cities to hide from Larry and his minions! It is now up to you and your friends to help retake the surface world! Travel across the world with several locations like Egypt, France, USA, and more! Survive horde of food monsters, as well as obstacles and puzzles, and help humanity thrive! Uncle Ben wants YOU to enlist in his Food Corps!

In this game you will do what you can to survive and move to the next safe area/elevator. Mostly everything edible in the game will be trying to eat you. You will be able to choose and customize your character with each having unique abilities and weapons! Each level will randomly spawn you in an elevator bringing you to any random place in the world! You won't only have to survive onslaughts of hordes of zombified food, there will be obstacle courses and puzzles as well! You can either play solo or with friends online CO-OP. Inevitably this game is action packed with adventurous elements and plenty of random encounters to keep your brain engaged and wanting more, you'll never know what's next!

(Game is in Alpha Stage, some features not yet implemented)

System requirements

  • Network: Broadband Internet connection

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