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Game info

About The Rhys510 Flash Back

Game description

8 Classic Games in 1 Place from Rhys510.


Single Player
  • Gardini
  • Go Farm IV
  • Pooper
  • Vermillion
  • Day Dream Adventure
  • Sandwich VS Bagel

Multi Player
  • Orb Looting
  • Pooper Deluxe


Gardini is a boy made of vegetation who`s village was attacked by the forest spirits. He seeks revenge and heads out to battle the spirits of the forest.

Go Farm IV
This is a farm managing game with 3 different modes: Classic,Survival and Freeplay. These unique modes offer different experiences that will change the way you farm. Classic mode has a bar that has to be kept up by having activity on your farm such as your animals running around or general harvesting. Survival adds a scoring system and makes the game unbeatable but will show your score when the farming ends. Free play gives you all the time in the world as there is no way to fail and even gives you a free bunny!

Fly in the sky with nothing but the thrust from your rears nugget maker and see how far you can get, but dont forget to eat or your tummy will empty and you will drop out of the sky like one of your many poops.

(Beat Em Up)
Your family was taken from right in front of your eyes by disappearing shadow goblins but what they do not know is that this little red yeti will not stand for it. Time to beat through the shadow ridden creatures and defeat them at their core.

Day Dream Adventure
Day dreaming is awesome, you can find yourself in some pretty wacky places fighting many creatures wearing some crazy battle gear. This game creates a random adventure that changes as your character grows stronger.

Sandwich VS Bagel
Free bagels day is great ... as long as you do not have a bagel king in your path. This game has you fighting your way past a bagel king to finally get the free bagel you wanted all this time.

Orb Looting
How many orbs can you grab before the timer runs out? hopefully more than foe can. Each round of collecting get harder and faster as the game goes on but if you find it too easy then why not battle head to head with a friend and play multiplayer to see who can loot the most.

Pooper Deluxe
Take to the sky once again but with more control and power ups that can help you fly faster and further than before! Up to 4 players will have you and all your friends racing to grab all the foods to fill your tummy's and gain powers from the special items that will help your flight and score.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 >
  • Processor: almost anything
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: almost anything
  • Storage: 51 MB available space
  • Sound Card: almost anything

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