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About TryToKillMeAgain

Game description

It is estimated, that over twenty thousand of people died in mob hits within 13 years of duration of prohibition in the USA. However names of only several victims were written down permanently in the history. Your task, as a player is to recreate the very last moments before the assassination as well as the assassination, on the most notorious individuals from criminal underworld. Player will get introduced to originally reconstituted in smallest details scenery from those times.

You will receive the very same weaponry and ammunition in aim to execute this criminal operation. Task is not easy, as you have to give the exact number of shots and inflict same injuries as were made during the assassinations from before decades. To this end we have taken care of every little detail such as design of buildings, streets, interiors and most of all of coroner’s reports, detailing wound taken by mobsters in the assassination.

Only, consistent with history, recreation of final moments of mafia bosses life will allow to unlock three bonus scenarios and additional weapons. From this moment onwards you will be able to take the lead and stage an attack according to your own ideas.

Game offers 13 independent scenarios (inglorious thirteen), where each one refers to a different assassination from prohibition times in the US.

1. Big Jim Colosimo - date of assassination - May 11th, 1920 – Chicago, Illinois

2. Dean O’Banion - date of assassination - November 10th, 1924 – Chicago, Illinois

3. Earl „Hymie” Weiss (Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski) - date of assassination – October 11, 1926 – Chicago, Illinois

4. Frankie Yale – date of assassination - July 1st, 1928 – Brooklyn, New York

5. Salvatore D’Aquila - date of assassination - October 10th, 1928 – Manhattan, New York

6. Arnold Rothstein - date of assassination - November 6th, 1928 – New York City

7.Giueseppe Morello – date of assassination - August 15th, 1930 – New York City

8. Giuseppe Aiello - date of assassination - October 23rd, 1930 – Chicago, Illinois

9. Joseph „Iron Man” Ardizzone - date of assassination - October 15th, 1931 - Los Angeles, California (disappeared, body never found)

10. Giuseppe „Joe the Boss” Masseria - date of assassination - April 15th, 1931 – New York City

11. Salvatore Maranzano - date of assassination - September 10th, 1931 – New York City

12.Jack „Legs” Diamond - date of assassination - December 18th, 1931 – Albany, New York.

13. Vincent „Mad Dog Coll” - date of assassination - February 8th, 1932 – New York City.

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