Game bundles

Are you hunting for indie game bundles? You have arrived at the best place for both bundle enthusiasts as well as those hunting for cheap indie games. Here you can find out all of the details on each epic bundle, what games they offer and in which price tier as well as find a comprehensive game bundle history.

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Fanatical - Build your own Holiday Bundle 2021
Get into joyful mood with the latest Fanatical bundle! Select up to 10 Steam games for $4.99.
Fanatical - Build your own Anime Bundle 3
A fantastic line-up of Japanese-style games can be yours with the latest Fanatical bundle!
Humble Akupara 5 Year Anniversary Bundle
Get a pack of great indie games for $10.00 / €8.87!
Fanatical - Build your own Elite VR Bundle
Choose up to 10 Virtual Reality games for $13.99 / €14.59.
Humble Best of Sandbox Bundle
Some of the best sandbox games are featured in this Humble Bundle!
Fanatical - Very Positive Mystery Bundle (November 2021)
Get up to 10 random Steam games for $6.99 / €7.39.
Fanatical - Dollar Bounty Bundle (available again)
10 Steam games included in this bundle can be yours for just one dollar!
Fanatical - Pumped Up Bundle (available again)
The bundle with 8 games full of action is back!
Humble Choose Wisely Bundle
In games included with this bundle, your choices can lead to grave consequences.
Get a year of Humble Choice for only $99!
Use a special voucher to get Humble Choice cheap!
Fanatical - Build your own Slayer Bundle 3
Select up to 7 Steam games for $9.99 / €10.59.
Fanatical - AppGameKit Bundle 2
Get a range of development tools and create your own game!
Fanatical - GameGuru Bundle 2
Create your own video games using the contents of this bundle!
Humble Nacon Space, Sports, & Orcs Collection Bundle
Games published by Nacom are featured in the newest Humble Bundle.
Fanatical - Killer Bundle 20
Get a pack of 9 outstanding titles for $7.49 / €7.85.
Fanatical - Build your own Nitro Bundle
Pick up to 10 racing games for $4.99 / €5.25.
Humble Leisure Suit Larry Collection Bundle
The legendary adult-themed games are featured in the latest Humble Bundle!
Fanatical - Birthday Mystery Bundle
Get up to 10 random games for $6.99 / €7.25.