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About Maze Mayhem

Game description

ARE you burnt out on massive games that requires hours upon days to finish, let alone complete?
DO you find yourself enjoying simple, yet deceptively challenging games?
IS a third question even required at this point? Because all the answers are conveniently the same!

Welcome to my game, Maze Mayhem! This game is jam-packed with 50 levels full of variety. From puzzle solving, to dodging enemies, to avoiding spikes, to dancing around fire, to enemies dancing around you, and plenty of mazes to navigate. Trust and believe me when I say that you are sure to find something new around every level. And with levels being about a few minutes long to finish (assuming everything goes fine), it's an easy game to play for a few minutes. . .Or maybe even a few hours, who knows.

I know someone who will know, the game master. He will be with you throughout your journey in this game. Observing you. Taking notes on what you do, what you say, and how you perform. And after specified milestones, he gets to have a chat with you about it all. But his favorite part? Seeing someone attempting to make their way through his mazes and enjoying the fruits of his labor. So what are you waiting for? Come challenge my Mazes of Mayhem today!

System requirements

  • Additional Notes: Unfortunately, I do not know these details at this time. But you can help! If you experience performance issues with the game, please email my support email with your specs so that I can better understand the limits of the game and/or where the issues are happening so that I may better optimize the game for everyone. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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