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About Robot Farm

Game description

In a world, decimated by a disastrous event, a new civilization is trying to rebuild - with nothing but fractured memories of their past. You’re the last living Operator - the one with the ability to create bonds with the mysterious Aokobots. With their power, you’ll embark on a perilous adventure to unlock your true potential - and save the universe from impending doom.

  • Aokobots: Operator’s Best Friends The Aokobots will aid you every step of the way - from growing crops and defending the fields from attackers, to exploring the land and assisting you in combat! Discover all of the Aokobots to build the ultimate team!

  • Fight or Befriend Monsters! There’re lots of different monsters in the world of the game and you can not only battle them, but recruit them as your helpers and send them to your farm.

  • Ultimate Farming: Grow and maintain your crops to sell them for profit, use them in cooking and crafting or make them into fuel for Aokobot fuel to enhance their stats. Mine resources to use them go fishing with your Aokobot friends.

  • Expanded crafting system: Cook various dishes and fill your Recipe Book with delicious meals you’ll come up with. Brew powerful potions using the crops you grow and fish you catch. Build new facilities, craft items, gear and furniture to decorate your farm.

  • Classic Tactical Combat: Robot Farm features a turn-based combat system, influenced by the classic titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea. Use strategic thinking to outsmart your opponents - and then reign chaos on them with devastating abilities. Don’t forget to use all the helpful inventions you can craft on your farm - they will be of a great help on the battlefield as well.

  • A Great World, Waiting For Explorers Travel across the entire gargantuan landscape - from the snowy peaks and hills of the Tundra region, to the blistering sun and hot wind of the Tropics. Explore the lands to your heart’s content - and find valuables and trinkets along the way!

  • Modding Beyond Your Imagination Using Robot Farm’s expansive World Editor, you can tailor the adventure to your liking - or design a World yourself, and create your own stories for others to explore!

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