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About Space Trash Scavenger

Game description

In the 31st century, Space Trash Scavengers roam the cosmos, risking their lives for riches amongst the debris of a centuries old galactic war.

Grab your trusty jetpack and explore lonely asteroids, desolate spacewrecks and abandoned outposts in this little procedural space sandbox.

Find valuable tech, break it down and use it to fabricate your base. Craft weapons and armour to help you survive the harsh conditions of space. Or head over to an exchange and get rich trading on the ScavX Trash Market.

Space base building

Build your own Space Rig and make it your home. Process space trash, grow crops, and use your jump drive to voyage to new systems.

Scavenging and grind-free crafting

Use your TrashVac 9000 to salvage space debris, both large and small. Atomize it into elementary “cubits” and use them to fabricate your base. No intermediates, no faff. Or you can always trade what you find at the trash exchange.

Constant alien threat

You’re not alone amid the space wreckage. Hostile aliens share the asteroid belt and will seek out the tech signature of Scavenger bases within their territory. Craft and use a variety of armour, mods and weapons to defend yourself.

Jetpack traversal in a procedural, zero G galaxy

Fly between asteroids and wrecked spaceships to find the best loot. The only limits are your fuel tank and your appetite for risk.

...and more!

We'll be adding more and more to Space Trash Scavenger, so be sure to wishlist and follow for updates! Join our discord (linked to the right) if you'd like to help beta test the game.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar
  • Graphics: 4 GB RAM

Price History of Space Trash Scavenger

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