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About Shattering Obsidian

Game description

Shattering Obsidian is an epic, Indie, fantasy and steampunk rpg, which centres around exciting narrative and character development. A setting, and story, unlike anything you have played before.

The world you have known crumbles before you. With a rag-tag bunch of refugees, you'll struggle to survive in a hostile, war-torn land. Your fellow survivors each have their own tales of tragedy, comedy and betrayal,
Uncover the darkest secrets governing the planet. Make choices which will transform a broken world. Embrace resistance or surrender to wealth, power and influence.

You'll play NOT as a warrior, but as a healer called Nisha, a Runeward who can manipulate elemental essence. Starting out inexperienced and naive, her skills, understanding and power grow throughout her journey. Some whisper that Nisha must be a prophetess of future portents and signs. To others, she'll never be anything more than a serving-girl who knows how to patch up scrapes and bruises.

Desperation and treachery await, as a world slowly dies. But there is always that spark of potential to be found within unknowing heroes. A spark which could ignite the flame of hope. Can you find that spark?

-Epic, Indie fantasy role-playing adventure in a unique world.
-Experience playing as a Healer and break the heroic mold.
-Uncover the fascinating lore of the Obsidian Tower, and the surrounding world.
-Many different endings. Your choices will change the world.
-Hand-crafted graphics and music.
-Based on a collection of short stories, the first of which has been published in 'Bards and Sages' magazine.
-An adventure with lots of replay value.

-Coming Soon: Nisha, with the embattled survivors of the Obsidian Tower, finally arrive in Ironfort. Though the citizens keep telling her that this is the perfect, most wonderful place to be, the fear in their eyes, the tremble behind their smiles, belies something sinister.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or later

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